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Lincoln town car 

The Lincoln Town Car is considered by many in the chauffeur and wedding car industry to be the 'classic' style of stretched limousine, with an elegant design, spacious interior and a smooth ride that has gained a loyal following and enduring popularity since its inception in the early 1980s.

Originally manufactured for and sold to to wealthier everyday drivers, the evolution of the stretched limousine version began when a change in US law allowed visitors and residents in New York to hire chauffeur-driven cars by appointment as an alternative to hailing the city's famous yellow taxis. New York in the 1970s and 1980s was a more dangerous place than it is today so, despite the higher journey costs, the more reliable and safer option of arranging a chauffeur-driven car in advance instead of waiting at a street corner for an available cab had an immediate appeal.

As the decade progressed demand for travelling in chauffeur-driven stretched limousines increased as this mode of travel became the preferred choice for the city's high society, businessman and celebrities. While other American car manufacturers like Oldsmobile and Cadillac tried to capitalise on this growing business with their own larger luxury vehicles the Town Car's reputation coupled with a successful advertising campaign with the slogan “What A Luxury Car Should Be.” ensured Lincoln's flagship brand cemented its position and dominance of the premium chauffeur car market.

The Town Car remains a sought-after way to travel by corporate and leisure customers to this day, shuttling thousands of brides, grooms, promgoers and VIPS in comfort, and clients of ours that have visited the United States may have seen these limousines with the Lincoln nameplate outside airport terminals or in large metropolitan areas like Chicago, Atlanta and Washington D.C.

The Town Car model received several facelifts over the years with our versions being the more recent style.

All eight-seater limousines in our fleet are council-registered, fully insured and 100% legal for hire, and suited to a range of occasions. Each car includes leather seating in a 'J' shape formation, mirror ceilings, high-end audio systems, decorative bar areas with glasses, ice buckets and mood lighting.


Our eight-seater Lincoln limousines include:


    Leather seating in a 'J' shape with additional seats at rear of passenger cabin - an ideal layout for everyone to talk and celebrate


    Bead lighting throughout the cabin area


    Mirror ceiling with starlights


    TV screen


    Bar area with glasses


    Chilled bubbly included with most bookings


    Ice buckets


    Privacy screen between driver area and passenger cabin


    Tinted windows and attractive opera lights on the exterior

  •  Decorative ribbons for weddings

Lincoln town car bridal door 

Same as our other limo but includes a bridal door and a facelift 

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